Picking Wildflowers

Striped Joules Dress_0526My favorite part of summer is in August when the yellow wildflowers start to pop up along the road and throughout fields. I know they are technically “weeds” but I think they are beautiful. (It’s all about perspective, right?)Striped DressWildflowers2During a bike ride around the lake Andrew and I saw a huge field covered in endless patches of the bright yellow beauties. We couldn’t get to them from the trail we were on so we went back later that night to admire them.Striped Joules Dress_0511I was amazed by just how large some of the flowers were. The ones that used to grow along the drive to my parents usually weren’t this big. We spent some time walking along the field to find the brightest and most beautiful ones. Really they were all perfect.Striped DressWildflowers 1I packed this striped dress for the lake knowing it would be perfect for the weekend. It is super comfortable and easy to throw on. Whether you are spending the day reading/watching movies, sitting on the deck or running into town it is super versatile. Most of my summer dresses will get packed away soon for fall but I know that this dress will transition well as the weather gets cooler.
Striped Joules Dress_0515Wandering through the fields of wildflowers was a perfect way to end our Saturday at the lake.
Striped Joules Dress_0518 - Version 2Dress: Joules (similar here) | Sandals: Jack Rogers

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