6 Ways to Spend Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

While I love that we have an Earth Day every year I truly wish that more efforts were made to protect and care for our planet every day. It may seem like too much work or too big of an effort to take part in but it is really SO simple. There are so many little things that almost everyone can do to help reduce waste and their carbon footprint.


Take a little time to celebrate Earth Day and do something to contribute and help our planet. Here are 6 ways to spend Earth Day!

  1. Recycle: Set up a home recycling center or learn more about your local recycling centers.
  2. Plant Something: A tree, a garden, a few flowers, or even a small herb garden! Planting is such a great way to contribute to Earth Day.
  3. Spend Time Outside: Hiking, biking, camping…. Get outdoors and enjoy your surroundings.
  4. Volunteer: Search local volunteer projects that help improve your community.
  5. Go Green: Research other ways you can reduce your waste and carbon footprint. Make a plan to take a few small steps to live a more green life. See my post on Creating a Green Home.
  6. Learn: Take time to learn more about the environment whether it is local or another area that interests you. Educate yourself on Earth Day, global warming, nature, and various habitats. Need some book and documentary suggestions? See more here!

Visit Earth Day Network for more information on this holiday!

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