At Home With Murchison Hume

I really love cleaning and I get excited about cleaning products, its the little things in life…

I had been on the search for new cleaning products and was trying to get rid of all of the chemical ridden products that we had in the house. I had yet to find an all natural brand that that I trusted and that actually cleaned things. Enter Murchison Hume.


Last summer my mom ordered me a Murchison Hume starter kit to try out the products. I was a little hesitant at first just because I had so many other failed attempts with all natural product lines. But, my mom had been using it for over a year and like me, loves cleaning, so I knew it was worth trying.

The result? I’m hooked.  Seriously though, these products WORK and they work REALLY well. Not only do they work well but they don’t have that harsh smell that most cleaners do nor are the fragrances overly powerful. I prefer the Australian Grapefruit scent but they also have an Original Fig option as well.

And another great part is instead of buying a new spray bottle every time, you can buy larger refills to cut down on waste. Plus they have these amazing reusable bags (pictured above). They are so sturdy and perfect for large loads of groceries. I seriously get compliments on them every time I go to Whole Foods!

If you are looking for an all natural, cruelty free line of cleaning products try Murchison Hume. I honestly love using the products and trust they are cleaning effectively.

Want to learn more about Murchison Hume? Visit here!

Murchison Hume currently has 20% off site wide until May 1st! Now is the perfect time to try out some of their products!

**This post is not sponsored by Murchison Hume and all opinions are my own.


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