Winter Layers

The hardest part about dressing for winter is knowing just how warm you will need to dress. I always feel like no matter the temperature outside I go back an forth between freezing to overly warm.

To make sure that I am always comfortable whether I am outside or indoors I wear layers that I can shed throughout the day. One of the things I wear most often is a button up under a sweater. This keeps me warm in cooler buildings and the car and doesn’t fit to snug under my coat. Then once I have warmed up I can easily shed the sweater to just wear the button up.

I also love that button ups and sweaters are so easy to mix and match which creates lots of outfit opportunities. And on those extra cold days or if you will be outside for a long period of time you can always add a long sleeve tee under the button up or throw on a vest on over top of the sweater.

Winter Outfits3.jpg Gray Sweater, Shirt |  Black Sweater, Shirt

Camel Sweater, Shirt Cream Sweater, Shirt

Navy Sweater, Shirt | Red Sweater, Shirt (Similar)


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