Holiday Host & Hostess Gifts

This time of the year calendars are surely filling up with invitations to holiday dinners, parties, small gathering, and special occasions. No matter the formality of the event it is always appropriate and considerate to bring a gift for the host/hostess along with a thank you note. Depending on your relationship with the host/hostess the gifts can range from simple to personal.

To help prepare foe the holiday season here are a few ideas for host/hostess gifts:

  • Scented candle
  • Seasonal floral arrangement/centerpiece
  • Festive or seasonal wreath
  • A favorite wine or special drink
  • Personalized recipe or note cards
  • Hosting, Entertaining or Recipe Book
  • Gourmet Cooking Goods (oils, vanilla, salts, spices, etc.)
  • Specialty Teas & Coffees
  • Homemade goodies & treats

Remember to always include a thank you note either with the host/hostess gift or sent soon after attending. The better you know the host/hostess the more you can personalize your gift (adding a monogram, finding something they have mentioned or you know they will truly love). Whether a family member, coworker, or close friend is hosting it is always a good idea to include a simple gift to say “thank you”.

A few suggested places to find great host/hostess gifts:

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