Daily Gratitude

With Thanksgiving this week and the holiday season I wanted to share some thoughts on gratitude. While Thanksgiving is obviously a day we celebrate what we are thankful for, I try to spend time each day focusing on gratitude. I find that it helps keep me grounded and to look on the bright side even when things get difficult.

Today I am sharing 3 simple ways you can integrate gratitude reflection into your daily routine.


When I hear the word “journaling” it still think of the diary that I kept as a 13 year old. Which when I think about it was entirely the opposite of a gratitude journal. It was more like a book of grievances. But thankfully I’ve changed my tune and I now keep a simple journal that helps me briefly reflect on each day including the things that went well, what I’m thankful for and what I could do better. There are three journals that I love that are great for this task.
The Six Minute Diary
The Five Minute Journal
More Than Gratitude

They each have simple prompts to fill out each morning and night keeping it brief but still helping you reflect.


As you sit down for meals each night, try to spend your time talking about the highs of your day rather than the lows. It’s a great way to improve your mood even after a hard day.
If you have kids consider going around the table and sharing your favorite moment from the day or one thing you are grateful for.

Gratitude Jar

This is a tradition that my mom started with us kids that I now do with my own family. We keep a glass jar in the house and randomly fill out a paper slip for things we are grateful for and pop it in the jar.
Each New Years Eve we would go through the jar as a family reading all of the pieces of paper and reflecting on what we wrote and memories we had from the year. It’s a great way to share your gratitude and reflect on your blessings.

Making gratitude a regular part of my routine has helped me have a better outlook and a more positive and thankful attitude. Not just on days like Thanksgiving but everyday, we should give thanks. What are ways you focus on gratitude the rest of the year?

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