My Favorite Sustainable Styles

In honor of Earth Day yesterday, I wanted to share a few of my favorite brands that are making efforts in utilizing more sustainable sources and giving back to improve the environment. I’ve been making an effort to shop smarter and say goodbye to fast-fashion in an effort to reduce my own personal damage of the environment. In the process I have found a few favorites that not only I can feel good about shopping but that I truly love the product.

Dudley Stephens

Of course my all time favorite sustainable brand is Dudley Stephens. These comfortable fleece tops, joggers and accessories are spun from recycled yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles. I was skeptical about how you could possibly create a cozy fleece from old plastic bottles but when I finally ordered one I quickly became obsessed.You can checkout my full Dudley Stephens guide and review here. And when you decide to see how good they are for yourself, get $25 off your first Dudley Stephens order here.


Another favorite of mine is Rothys. These machine-washable shoes are made out of recycled plastic. They have converted over 78 million plastic bottles into shoes and bags. The shoes themselves are incredibly comfortable and well worth investing in. You can get $20 off your first pair of Rothys here.

Thom Kelly

I was so happy when I first tried Thom Kelly. They have classic pieces that are meant to be the fuss free items in your closet that you reach for over and over. Thom Kelly uses eco-friendly materials like Tencel or organic cotton. They also use recycled labels and recycled packaging. You can read about their sustainability efforts here. And if you want to try one of their amazing shirts for yourself (my personal favorite is the Brynn shirt) you can use this link to get $20 off of your order.


Madewell may not typically be thought of as a sustainable brand but they are making substantial efforts. By 2025 there goal is that all of their packaging will be sustainably sourced and made of recycled material. And by 2030, their operations will be carbon neutral. Until then, Madewell has a “Do Well” shop where you can shop their more sustainable styles. Shop the DoWell styles here!


Everlane‘s motto is “radical transparency”; working with only the most ethical factories and sourcing the top materials. They truly are transparent in terms of where their products come from and how much it cost to make each individual product. They also have several products that are made from recycled material like their ReNew Fleece, ReCotton & ReCashmere. Shop Everlane here!

If you are looking for other brands that are committed to and practicing sustainability check out this list here of 35 different ethical brands.

And in case you missed yesterday’s Earth Day post, I shared 3 simple swaps you can make to reduce your waste at home.

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