Taylored Prints: Etsy Shop Launch

In March when things shut down I started to feel like I needed some type of creative outlet or hobby. With playgroup canceled and coffee dates on hold I spent all of my time at home with Jack. Which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE staying home with Jack but I needed something for me.

My sister had recently gotten a watercolor set and it looked like so much fun so I ordered a set as well. It was a great outlet and way to relax during nap times.

After creating for a few weeks I had friends and family ask for some custom work I considered opening a shop to offer some of my favorite creations. The launch is finally here thanks to the support of my friends and family who helped me get it all set up.

Etsy Shop

The Etsy shop, Taylored Prints, is a combination of hand-painted and printed watercolor work. Right now it is full of fall themed goodies and come November I will launch some holiday prints. You can check it all out here!

Custom Orders

I’m happy to do custom orders too! Feel free to reach out here via the blog, or contact my Etsy Shop! I can create custom cards, stationary & or custom prints for wall art.

Thank you, everyone, for your support and encouragement. I look forward to sharing lots more with you and expanding the shop over time!

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