OPI Gel Color

I’m not a huge make-up and beauty person. The most time I ever do is occasionally curl my hair (quickly with my flat iron) and do my nails.

While we were at dinner in New York on of our service had on a great nail polish color. It was a combination of blush and nude which is pretty much the only color I ever wear. I had to ask her what the color was and she told me it was an OPI color  called “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around”. I saved the name in my phone so I could look it up when we got home.

I ended up forgetting about the polish by the time we arrived back home. I was surprised when on Christmas morning my in-laws gave me that same color in OPI’s GelColor along with a regular top and base coat and the light to cure the gel.

I honestly wasn’t sure how often I would use it because it is a little bit more of a time commitment to put it on and it does require precision but the gel color lasts so much longer than regular polish!

The first time I did my nails I was able to wear the color for 2 weeks without and chipping, breaks or peeling. I would recommend having it done at a salon just to make sure it is done properly, but if you have the experience and time it isn’t difficult to do at home at all.


You can find other OPI GelColors here and OPI Lacquer here.


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