Creating a “Reading Nook”

Books and Reading_2190.JPGWhile I am someone who can read just about anywhere, I love having a specific spot to sit and read that has all the right things: comfort, lighting, peacefulness and storage. In December we started to update our bedroom a bit and finally decorate. I used this update as a chance to create a great spot for reading.

Books & Reading_0773.JPGComfort

Obviously comfort is important when you are going to curl up with a good book. I wanted a chair that would be comfortable but supportive. Its just big enough that I can curl up in it or throw my legs over the side. to really lounge. Its the perfect reading chair. I also keep one of my coziest blankets on the chair for those really snuggly days.

Books and Reading_0743Peacefulness

Our bedroom is towards the back of the house so it is away from traffic noise and probably the quietest room in the house. We don’t have a TV in the room and since it is in the corner of the house it is free of distraction.

Books & Reading_0771.JPGLighting

Obviously you need great lighting for the perfect reading spot. We have a rather large window in our bedroom that lets in a ton of natural light. Throughout most of the day it brightens up the corner that I usually don’t need to turn on the overhead light until sundown.

Books and Reading_0750.JPGStorage

I accumulate books faster than I can read them and I am usually reading more than one book at once. I could blame my short attention span but really its because I never know what kind of story I will be in the mood for. I have an end table right next to my chair so I can keep several books near by. Its also the perfect spot to light my favorite candle and place a cup of coffee or tea to sip on as I read.

This little corner is definitely one of my favorite spots in the house. It is where I spend most of my time in the afternoons and weekends.

Room Details: Chair | Custom Map (similar) | Throw (similar) | Candle

3 thoughts on “Creating a “Reading Nook”

  1. I love your little reading corner! It seems like the perfect retreat. But not too comfy! I would fall asleep reading all the time if the chair was too squishy. Personally, I can only focus on one book at a time! You’ll have to tell us what you are reading currently!

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